Glorious light

Had a little revelation during Samuel’s baptism today.

Which kinda stems from the sermon I watched on YouTube by Lecrae on Friday night (or rather Saturday morning at 2)

It was about the glory of God, and how our entire existence is all for it.

Some people would take it the wrong way, they’d think God was completely self absorbed, always wanting to be made known for his glory, always wanting to be worshiped.

But the thing is, this is the only way it makes sense.

Say God is light, it doesn’t make sense for light to exist in nothingness, you know? There’s no point of having light rays going on and on forever and ever in a total space of darkness. That’s why he created us, and everything in this universe, we are the things that exist in this nothingness for light to reflect off. That’s the beautiful purpose we serve. We serve to be seen, beautiful, glorious, all because of this light.

Light rays were meant to reflect off something, and we were meant to be that something.

We were meant to show how glorious this light is.


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