Dream Log #26

I’m sitting down in the audience, a small crowd, and there’s a satanic ritual going on on stage. At every stage people had to choose whether they believed the demon they were going to conjure was real or powerful, and I chose to deny everything.

They were sitting in a circle, drawing things and blowing on them, and the demon’s figure appeared on the projector, and as the figure walked out of the screen it materialised in real life.

Honestly it looked like just a red pro wrestler with horns. He was huge, and had markings on his arms. He had a really fierce looking face and a permanent snarl on his mouth

He started walking among the rows where the audience sat. I tried to be brave, I tried to feel like the fear wasn’t building up in me and kept a straight face as he approached closer. But I felt my lips trembling, and it wasn’t going so well.

Suddenly I’m in my bedroom with a friend (I don’t recognise), and the demon walked in, holding a gun in his hand. My friend then did a martial art move and managed to arm lock him, and I snatched the gun away from his hand. I pointed it at him, but he laughed and said I could never do it (my hands were trembling). Then I pulled the safety hatch off and pointed it at his leg, but he suddenly bent down and I shot his neck instead. And I freaked out because I didn’t intend to kill him and asked my friend to call the police.

I don’t remember what happened after that.


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