Alone & Alive

What does it feel to be alive?

The very essence of being.

It’s hard to describe.

I don’t know why but when a strong wind blows right at me, I feel very alive. Or when I’m standing in a large open field, surrounded by nature. When golden sunlight filters through my squinted eyes. I feel like I’ve forgotten how to notice these things, appreciating beauty that can be found in the littlest of things.

A wild wheat growing out from the corner of a cement pavement,

The sleepy feeling of warm, still, afternoon air,

The peaceful quietness of an empty room,

Oh and it has been such a long time since i’ve heard the enthusiastic chatter of fingers tapping on a keyboard.

I really need to spend more time alone, with nothing but myself.


Dream Log #27

There was a legendary creature terrorising a village, it was this huge, purple, snake-like creature that left everything it slithered upon into molten lava. But before the ground turned into lava, it would slowly crack into steps of stone, and that was the only way to chase it. It required a lot of precision and agility to track down the monster and kill it.

There were hoards of people trying to chase the monster down, and I was one of them.

I darted along the steps of stones that were soon melting into lava and reached the tail of the creature, before leaping into the air and stabbing the head with my dagger. It stopped moving but I can’t remember what happened to it. From where I was, I witnessed two men, one tall, evil looking one wearing dark leathery clothes and a shorter one wearing a white shirt on the edge of a cliff. The white one suddenly stabbed someone (I think he was either my father or a friend) and rolled him off the cliff. I watched the limp figure disappear into the dark depths of the abyss and cried out. The two men looked at me, and I knew they were going to come after me and kill me too for some reason. So I ran, and tried to blend in with the crowd. My dagger had turned a bright purple so I asked if anyone (from the crowds leaving the place since the creature was already killed) had an extra sheath I could have. Someone tossed me one and I kept my dagger in it, and stowed it away in my pocket.

I don’t remember what happened next, but I knew I had another friend who was a girl, and her name started with a T. She was dark skinned, and was trying to help me survive. She had a small stone house, and a knife that, if you scraped down a wall, would turn the scratch into a secret door that only you and another chosen person could use. It helped her and I escape once, I think.

I remember there was a train, and there was something wrong with it, I can’t remember much.

And also I went to watch a movie with my mom at a cinema I’ve dreamt of before that doesn’t exist in real life. The ending of the movie was abrupt and I didn’t like it.

And I was away for a month, when I returned to my family, we no longer had our home and we were really poor, because my mom was forced to resign just because she was getting old. I was really furious with how unfair it was, and that’s the last thing I remember before waking up.

Man I really wish I remember more, the first one sounded like a really cool plot.