Today I was reminded yet again on how I really am nothing without God.

I’m not really a changed person. I’m an empty person that’s been filled up with something else.

Goodness isn’t of me, purity isn’t of me, love (true love) isn’t of me. 

Catching a glimpse of a horrible thing that lurks beneath, that traps me constantly, the curse of the flesh, and I realise how joyful I must be in knowing that one day I will be completely free.

Never take pride in your “own” goodness. That’s where the cracks start to inch into your heart, and true goodness and true love, God, leaks out.



Is it in the stars, scattered above

that fill space with fire and light?

Is it in some moments, passing, fleeting

that put reality out of sight?

Do you find it in the eyes, of passion and longing

hungry kisses down your neck?

Or is it your deeper, inquisitive nature

Knowing that there’s just this something you lack?