Giving God the Centre (part 1: Why?)

Trying to organise a mini lesson so I guess I’ll write my thoughts (hopefully spirit-inspired) here since I haven’t written in here for so long:/

“How to keep God in the centre of your daily life? Because I seem to find it a struggle to study and then learn about God but then I should know to like turn to God for everything I do and trust his ways that kinda thing.”


I think the whole concept of ‘giving God the centre’ is a really big thing. It’s not just about priorities, or time management, it’s not about what we do in our lives, it’s how we do things. And it’s why we do things.

We all know how hard it is trying to ‘put’ God in the centre, but why are we doing it in the first place?


  1. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength” Deuteronomy 6:5

We want God to be in the centre of our lives because we love Him. Would we not want to dedicate every moment of our lives to what we love?

2. Trust that God’s purpose>our own plans

God is sovereign. He knows what is best for us (Psalm 32:8). This ‘best’ does not go by worldly definitions. It’s not just about the best career path, the best school, the best job, the best marriage partner, sometimes God will lead us down paths we will definitely not believe is what’s best for us. God is more concerned about our spiritual growth above all things.

God’s view of what’s best for us is not what the world (or we) views is best for us. We need to differentiate this very clearly.

And if God is sovereign, doesn’t it only make sense that we trust that God will be able to give us what’s best for us if we put Him in the centre of our lives?

3.  His purpose

Why are we living? What are our days for? Do we strive for our own personal successes, our own glory? Do we work hard for wealth and status? Do we live just to gain approval from the world? What worth is of our lives? What is worth giving our lives to?


Jesus never pursued worldly ambition in any way and never pursued the glory of this world. There was only one goal that he considered worthy of His life – the glory of God.

The things of this world can never satisfy us the way living for God’s purpose can. What is God’s purpose? His purpose is in His glory. Sounds conceited, yes, but that’s because we’re so used to ‘seeking our own glory’ as a bad thing. But this isn’t us we’re talking about, this is God. God deserves praise and honour and glory. It’s like how we immediately just comment on how beautiful the sunset is in all it’s colours and textures and the uniqueness of the sky every evening. God is more than a million sunsets and sunrises, bigger than the entirety of the universe, greater than all of creation that exists. It is when we glorify Him with our lives that we can be the happiest and the most fufilled. We were created to enjoy God’s presence and majesty. We were created to love Him. God is most glorified when we rejoice in/praise/worship who He is (John Piper).

From (why did God make you?):

God wants fellowship with you not because of what you are but because of what He is.

He is loving

He is giving

The best He can give is Himself

You can know Him, experience Him and feel Him

He made the universe for you

He created you for Him.

Enjoy Him.


These three points are some reasons why we should and should want to put God in the centre of everything we do. We do so because we love God, we trust in Him, and it is what’s best for us.


Starting questions:

1) What do you think putting God at the centre of your life is all about?


Reflection questions:

1) What are some of the things that stop you from putting God in the centre of your life? (Pride)

2) Share your main takeaway from today


Pray for God to remind us of our purpose, and who He is. Tell God what he means to you.


Yay! okay coming up next…

Part 2: How can we give God the centre of our lives?