Dream Log #something

I dreamt that there was a curse that was going around, and it was called the curse of the living death. And whoever had it would smell like a rotting corpse, and the people around them would slowly die, especially if you touched them. It killed millions of people in a city. 

When I woke up I was thinking, would I still spend time with someone who had it? It’s such a lonely curse, and you’d spend the rest of your life alone. I could never imagine how that would feel.

Then I fell back to sleep, and I dreamt another dream. I was in a school that I’ve never seen before, and for some reason Fadilah and I were given a case to solve. I can’t remember much but it led us to this secret underground labyrinth of the school, full of pipes and dim red and green lights. There were a row of lockers along the wall, and we had Key no. 27 with us (can’t remember how we got it). But when we opened it, there was another key inside, which opened the locker right next to it. On that locker there was the name DiBronze. And in that locker was yet another key, this time not belonging to a locker but to a room. Suddenly I heard something, and told Fadilah to keep still and quiet. I heard a sound echoing towards us. And it was really creepy because you couldn’t see much in the dim lights.

Then a young boy appeared round the corner, he was probably around 16 years old, and he looked extremely angry. And I think he was DiBronze. Somehow we managed to run away back up to the surface, and I told Fadilah that we need to stay in an open area full of people. But when we found such a place, DiBronze managed to catch up to us, and started throwing punches and kicks at us. I yelled out to the crowd of people, “CALL THE POLICE, SOMEONE CALL THEM!” a bunch of times, until I heard the siren of the police car just round the corner. Another boy came running towards us, and he was Zairhul from my FSC. He started attacking us also, and I knew that the first key we had belonged to him. 

The police came, but only managed to catch zairhul. They handcuffed him, and got him to sit in the front on the policeman’s lap. OH yes zairhul is only 11. 

For some reason we parted ways with the policemen,  but I had a plan. We had to get the policemen to help us interrogate zairhul about how he’s connected to DiBronze, why he has the key, and what’s inside the room that the last key belongs to. We found the police station that was located right in a 2-room HDB rental flat on the 9th floor.

I think I managed to ask them to help us with the questioning, but I remember having some inkling of what was in that room. And I told them I suspected that it was some sort of torture chamber underneath the school.

I think I woke up from there, or maybe my brain really fell asleep at that point.

I really want to know what’s inside, though my suspicions are probably right haha.