Last Supper

Really wanted to write about today because it was a good day

“Played” basketball with Sam and Lum in the morning, and I’m already feeling the muscle aches coming on. Basketball is probably my worst sport, you have to be all cool and intimidating to play it right hahaha. Lum was a really good coach, he taught us a lot about basketball. Some ACS Barker kids came and wanted to challenge him because he was just that good. Some people just effortlessly look cool, I guess it’s because they make it look so effortless that it looks cool.

I think I improved a lot, managed to score some pretty decent shots, but I probably looked like a spazzing flamingo while I was at it.

After that Sam and I went to get party supplies for our class dinner. Well, it’s really more of a “last supper” kind of thing because Matt is going into the land of Tekong this friday, and it’ll probably be the last time we’ll ever eat his cooking (or see him) in the next two years. We came quite early so we just chilled in Matt’s music room, it was quite fun, think we were in there for a good solid hour.

And then we helped Matt with cutting tomatoes (that’s about as much cooking as we did, really). And slowly everyone started coming in.

I’m actually quite surprised so many people turned up. Our class isn’t exactly bonded, but I guess we do enjoy each other’s company. It’s special, it doesn’t really feel like a normal class. I’m not sure what it is about everyone. Everyone’s just so unique, and Oh I think it’s because it’s always Classy. haha get it – Our class is really classy. We don’t drink, or gossip, or anything much really. We just chill. And everyone’s so nice.

Dinner was amazing as usual. I had the best balsamic vingegar I’ve ever tasted in my life, and Matt used olive oil he got from some dude in isreal (He saw the oil being pressed into the bottle right in front of his very eyes). So cool. There was BBQ beef, chicken, tomato salsa, some salad with pine nuts. Oh yes, the pine nuts. I think they made it into my all time favourite nuts list (second to walnut). Apparently it tastes like bacon when toasted AND IT DID. It was sooooo goooood. And we also had mushroom.

Gen and I danced a little along to “South” by hippocampus. By dance, I mean waving around awkwardly in a hotline bling kinda way. Good music just makes memories so much more colourful. Kinda like a movie soundtrack.

Angel brought this really delicious chocolate cake. And after that we played cards against humanity. We laughed so much. So inappropriately. Hahaha. ha.

Our class’ humour basically goes along the lines of finding anything to do with incest, dead babies, racism, and religion funny.

Sera and Marina won. Which was totally unexpected. They are the kind of quiet, shy girls, and I only really got to know them well last year.

I love our class so much. I’m really just gonna miss having them as part of daily life. I wish  had more years with them, I want more time to get closer to all of them.

As I write this it feels bittersweet. More of sweet than bitter really. I’ll always look back and remember colourful, fun memories. And lovely people.

Sam was pretty sad about how he’ll probably never see our classmates much.

Things will definitely change. As we go on with our lives there’ll be so much less common ground. Relationships change, but that doesn’t mean that they have to end.


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