When you step into the airport it’s such a cool feeling, this huge open space, the echo of people hustling by, luggage wheels going clickity clack and my favourite part – that huge signboard showing all the flights and destinations. I especially like the analog kind, with letters printed on plastic cards, they whirl into whatever is supposed to be spelled. It was really fun watching the cards flip into place just like magic. The digital boards don’t really have the same charm.

The world is just so big yet so small. You could hop onto the other side of the planet in less than a day, but looking out of the plane window, the horizon is barely curved, little lights flickering below, it’s amazing how this one huge hunk of metal can go hurtling through the air so fast that it actually flies.

I was actually up there, above the clouds, that’s amazing to just think about.

Back to the board again. There’re just so many places you could go. Like any of these places being spelled out, all you need is that ticket.

It’s always nice to have somewhere to go. 


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