About This Place

Actually, now that I think about it, an About Me page on a personal blog is kinda redundant, I mean, this whole place contains stuff that’s all about me right? So I’ve changed it a little.

You probably chanced upon this by accident (Or not).

Like you must be from a whole other side of the world surfing the web. A country like Tunisia or something.

Since I don’t really share this place with anyone I do know.

I think this is a place.

Like a part of my mind on the internet, which is kind of cool!

I really originally intended for this place to be a very public one. But it’s gone towards a more private thing for some reason. It’s like talking to myself. So I’ve stopped telling people about it. It’s my little personal reflective space.  I don’t mind if people who don’t know me at all see this place by mistake. It wouldn’t really affect me much, so.

But if you do know me, it means you cared enough about me to read this. Since only my really close friends know about this place. Thank you for caring:D

Maybe miraculously you might understand some of these things. And I hope it helped you not feel too alone if you did understand. But I don’t think it’s easy to understand anyone from just a little piece of their mind.

Either ways, don’t mind me while I’m here just doing my own thing. Thang. Haha. Mah own Thang.


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