Would being able to control exactly how you feel ever be a bad thing? Then we’d never ever have to feel conflicted.  But I guess sometimes we have to, because we don’t know what’s best for us. I guess that’s why its separated, what we want and what we feel. Being able to control what […]

Uncertainty and Understanding

Been questioning so many things lately, especially about the nature of how to decide what’s right and wrong. Yes, morality is objective, but morality applied seems to be subjective. The best way to do good things seems like such a personal thing. What’s good is for certain. But how we go about achieving this good […]


I’ve been feeling rather lifeless lately. It’s a continuous cycle of being in a state of “Being with people is so tiring ” over the weekend and “I miss my friends” in school. In between classes I’ll just walk alone off to the next thing I have to do with music on, and I’d look […]

3 days with friends

I actually came here to write about something really negative again but I think I want to write about nice and happy things for a change. Things are relatively peaceful now. I realise I just dump all my negative emotions here, but I kind of want to store happy memories here too. So for the […]


 Like a tidal wave crashing down onto your once peaceful shoreline, sending everything into a flurry. It isn’t really violent. It’s more of a slow, cutting pain. Something lost, yet remains just enough for its lingering presence to seep through the walls you’ve tried to build around it.  It stains, but it kinda looks like […]

Dream log #something

Was in a shopping mall with raymynn and Jolene and some other girls. Raymynn said she wanted to buy a present for her sister, so we went into this really hipster store, with lots of weird artsy things. I saw something that looked like a stone, it had words engraved on top of it, and […]

Fear and anger

Fear and anger seem to go remarkably well. I had to hide in the cupboard to calm down because I couldn’t close the damned door. Just the feeling of being in the same air as that person made me feel so sick. I want to escape but I can’t. Cry out but what’s the point […]


My grandma just got admitted to hospital. Honestly, I’m not sure how serious it is. No one’s really telling me much. My mom said that it might be some kind of infection. When I heard the doorbell ring, my parents and my grandpa came back, but not my grandma. I was expecting her to be […]


It’s not the first time that I’ve felt this way. All of a sudden, I feel sick, like emotionally sick, a little bit of fear, guilt, disappointment, sadness, and a stabbing pain – a slow kind. It kind of just creeps into my heart, worming its way through like some sort of infestation spreading its […]


When you step into the airport it’s such a cool feeling, this huge open space, the echo of people hustling by, luggage wheels going clickity clack and my favourite part – that huge signboard showing all the flights and destinations. I especially like the analog kind, with letters printed on plastic cards, they whirl into […]