I want a pure heart That only wishes to serve God and others A heart with no ill-intentions,  I want to only rely on God That my foundation will be solely built on Him I want God to be so close to me that I will feel His presence always That I will fear nothing, […]


How blind can someone be? That everything is just darkness? I’d like to just blame it all on having depression, but honestly it seems a little like a shallow scratch to call it on just biological reasons. I think it’s a whole load of other issues jumbled up in her heart.  Pride being the centre […]

Dream log

I was part of some terrorist group, and we were waiting around in a room. I didn’t really wanna be there, but there was another middle aged man, let’s call him Robert, who convinced me that if we stay, we’d be able to kill the terrorist and save people’s lives after gaining his trust. The […]


Sometimes I feel like I have a happiness quota. I could be really happy for a whole day, and somehow I’ll reach a limit of feeling happy and I’ll start feeling sad for no reason. It’s like a tingly cold feeling, and it feels sour in my chest. I don’t know why this happens. Is […]

Oh how much things have changed

Was looking through my drafts and found this unpublished post from 2 years back.  I took the time to record down this text conversation thinking that it’d be an important thing to reflect on sometime in the future and here I am. I’m quite glad I did. Here I present to you a conversation between […]


I’m really worried for my dad At this point he really just doesn’t care anymore about staying calm and collected in front of me. He swears and throws a fit over the TV not working, like really just plainly swearing right in front of me. And when I offer to help try fixing the compartment […]

Hospital again

Feel like I’ve been gettting pretty familiar with the hospital lately. It was quite scary, seeing someone motionless, and in the ambulance speeding away every second ticking not knowing if each second would take a little bit of life away. I heard her screaming, I couldn’t tell if it was from fear or pain, or […]


Feel like I’ve been overanalysing the music I hear everyday to the point where I’ve lost the feeling of just being emersed in the rythmn and the notes playing with each other swinging highs and lows, the beauty of just being in the song. Songs that make you see sunsets or murky waters, a night […]


Just suddenly had this fear of time, how it’s so easily wasted, how it trickles away so slowly that you can’t even feel it.  It feels like I have a whole ocean of time left.  I can’t imagine a future when time will end, in which it will, because when time becomes infinite, that’s when […]

Fate/Determinism/Human Will

Are you a fatalist? Does it matter if Fatalism is true? Take a stand. Argue. Since the time of ancient civilization, people have been obsessed with fate. From the Chinese and the Mayans who looked to the stars in search of information about future events, to the horoscopes of the West in explaining personality and […]