Where is the place for the broken?

Where is the place for the lost?

Maybe in the lowest pits we will have only darkness, when we fall there might be no one with us.

But you can climb, choose to look up and see people reaching out their hands to you 

Don’t just stare blankly into shadows

Although you think the darkness is concealing something you could possibly hope in, there really is nothing there.


Giving God the Centre (part 1: Why?)

Trying to organise a mini lesson so I guess I’ll write my thoughts (hopefully spirit-inspired) here since I haven’t written in here for so long:/

“How to keep God in the centre of your daily life? Because I seem to find it a struggle to study and then learn about God but then I should know to like turn to God for everything I do and trust his ways that kinda thing.”


I think the whole concept of ‘giving God the centre’ is a really big thing. It’s not just about priorities, or time management, it’s not about what we do in our lives, it’s how we do things. And it’s why we do things.

We all know how hard it is trying to ‘put’ God in the centre, but why are we doing it in the first place?


  1. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength” Deuteronomy 6:5

We want God to be in the centre of our lives because we love Him. Would we not want to dedicate every moment of our lives to what we love?

2. Trust that God’s purpose>our own plans

God is sovereign. He knows what is best for us (Psalm 32:8). This ‘best’ does not go by worldly definitions. It’s not just about the best career path, the best school, the best job, the best marriage partner, sometimes God will lead us down paths we will definitely not believe is what’s best for us. God is more concerned about our spiritual growth above all things.

God’s view of what’s best for us is not what the world (or we) views is best for us. We need to differentiate this very clearly.

And if God is sovereign, doesn’t it only make sense that we trust that God will be able to give us what’s best for us if we put Him in the centre of our lives?

3.  His purpose

Why are we living? What are our days for? Do we strive for our own personal successes, our own glory? Do we work hard for wealth and status? Do we live just to gain approval from the world? What worth is of our lives? What is worth giving our lives to?

from gotquestions.org

Jesus never pursued worldly ambition in any way and never pursued the glory of this world. There was only one goal that he considered worthy of His life – the glory of God.

The things of this world can never satisfy us the way living for God’s purpose can. What is God’s purpose? His purpose is in His glory. Sounds conceited, yes, but that’s because we’re so used to ‘seeking our own glory’ as a bad thing. But this isn’t us we’re talking about, this is God. God deserves praise and honour and glory. It’s like how we immediately just comment on how beautiful the sunset is in all it’s colours and textures and the uniqueness of the sky every evening. God is more than a million sunsets and sunrises, bigger than the entirety of the universe, greater than all of creation that exists. It is when we glorify Him with our lives that we can be the happiest and the most fufilled. We were created to enjoy God’s presence and majesty. We were created to love Him. God is most glorified when we rejoice in/praise/worship who He is (John Piper).

From carm.org (why did God make you?):

God wants fellowship with you not because of what you are but because of what He is.

He is loving

He is giving

The best He can give is Himself

You can know Him, experience Him and feel Him

He made the universe for you

He created you for Him.

Enjoy Him.


These three points are some reasons why we should and should want to put God in the centre of everything we do. We do so because we love God, we trust in Him, and it is what’s best for us.


Starting questions:

1) What do you think putting God at the centre of your life is all about?


Reflection questions:

1) What are some of the things that stop you from putting God in the centre of your life? (Pride)

2) Share your main takeaway from today


Pray for God to remind us of our purpose, and who He is. Tell God what he means to you.


Yay! okay coming up next…

Part 2: How can we give God the centre of our lives?


You saw through the veil of my façades

Sewed with threads of insecurities 
While here I was hoping you would love

the ‘me’ that I was sculpting independently.

But little did I know 
That you would be the given key 

From my chains, binding me 

to the ego of the only self I could see


How do you control yourself when you’re boiling on the inside? Utterly shaken, trembling with such rage.

Anger always comes from feeling violated, but it is also a question of what was violated.

God, I feel absolutely disgusting, but yet I find it so unfair. Is this really something that I can take? I felt absolutely burning.

I am just like David. I’m hiding in my room, as he does when he gets scared and hides in his shell. But he was good, as that man screamed at me and he watched everything from his tank, he chose to sleep on the other side of the rock today where I can see him and where he’s closest to me. Or maybe he just felt like it but I’m grateful.

Of course, God is watching me too, but I’m not sure what he’s thinking. Is He angry? Is He sad? Disappointed? Does He know how I feel? Does He think I handled it reasonably?

I kept my voice low, I spoke gently in return even though I was being screamed at, but the last straw was really too much, just imagine a scream that rings through your head and lingers even after a while. That was how loud he shouted. I really had to close the door so that I could vent everything out. And my mom was there and she heard everything. Every swear word, every thought, every feeling. And she nodded, and took it all in. For that I am grateful too.

God, when will I ever know what to do? When will I ever know how to control myself and have the courage to speak up when this happens again?

I never had one apology. Not once. I’m amazed I’m even able to forget everything so far and pretend nothing happened.

That’s all everyone does in this family. Pretend that nothing happened.

honestly I’m not sure if I can think clearly now.

But I just want somewhere to dump all these thoughts in.









Doesn’t it break your heart to hear the nasty things that people say or think of you?
To be completely misunderstood, to be told lies about?
How does your heart break over and over again but yet your arms are fixed and open wide?
I can’t imagine, I can never understand
Like a rose trampled on the ground 
And I wonder how many times I’ve turned my back on you without even knowing it

Discipleship group

Didn’t do QT today…
It was a pretty tough night , more like morning since it’s 1am 
Sometimes I do feel not like going to God even if I’m facing something, I also don’t know why, it’s quite stupid. 

Im trying to figure out why too, I guess it’s because I feel so pathetic like it’s not worth it for God to listen, even though I know it’s not true and God still wants to hear me so much, but I really don’t feel that truth:/

But sometimes you really have to go and talk to God to believe in that truth rather than just know it… And let Him speak to you in His own way. Having a lot of head knowledge can be a bad thing sometimes because that’s all I rely on at times.

My heart isn’t the most soft heart out there, I find that it constantly needs to be broken to realise how much I really need God, but thinking of it now I really would rather have my heart broken than to take God’s love for granted again and again because it hurts him even more than I can imagine.

Feel a lot better now after writing this, most of the time I feel like God speaks to me while I’m writing somehow haha

Do you know why silent cries are the worst?

It’s because you know no one’s going to help you and they can’t 

If you knew someone would help you you’d cry out for your life

But you feel hopeless

You scream and shout and yet your throat locks itself shut

Your eyes burn and tears don’t put out the flame

It’s a war against yourself to think clearly

Wallowing in pain is a self-entitlement on its own

I need to stop being selfish 


Can I burn away your fears?

To make firelight in the darkness of your night

And let the glowing cinders in the wind guide you back

To where you first grew your fruits of doubt on the only tree you watered 

I’ll hand you the axe to make splinters of the branches that kept you hostage 


I remember I said once that music either lets you see life clearly or distracts you from it.

What do I mean by clearly? 

It’s kinda that refreshing feeling, I don’t know, everything just feels more clear! 

What is this feeling? How do I describe it 

Well you can only feel it when you’re alone. 

It’s when you notice everything, and all your senses kinda amplifies.

It’s a weird feeling

Like you really feel alive, very alive.

But I really love it 

And there are some songs that put you in a trance. 

Like you’ve been disembodied, and you’re no longer there but still there
There’s also music that fills up my entire head and floods out my thoughts. That’s the kind of music that distracts. 

It has its uses.